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iCarly Porn Story: iMeet My Clone

iCarly Porn Story: iMeet My Clone

Carly was looking online to find ideas for her iCarly online show. By chance, she happened upon another site also named after a girl, this one meganparker.com, a site where the star was a ten-year-old girl from San Diego. She immediately saw an amazing resemblance to herself. It was almost as if she had a clone walking out there, except this version was her youmger, more evil clone as Megan was much more of a mischievous troublemaker, loving to torment her brothers, as she often did on her webcast. Carly especially liked the segment where she did stuff to her strep-brother Josh while he was alseep.

She soon emailed Megan and a correspondence began. She invited Megan to be a guest on her show whenever she was in town. Luck had it when the family was taking a trip to Seattle for a Meteorologist convention that her step-dad was attending. Megan told Carly the hotel where they would be staying and told her that she could visit when they got there.

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