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iCarly Porn Story: iLike Feet – Chapter 2:At School

iCarly Porn Story: iLike Feet – Chapter 2:At School

( Takes place after the 1st chapters scene)

After learning about carlys little….fetish, sam went home and looked up foot fetish and started to find out ll kinds of interesting things. She decided she would confront carly tommorow at school, but maybe do a few tests on her first, sam smiled to herself and went to bed.

The next day sam got dressed for a school a bit differently then she normally would.
she wore a green t-shirt with the word i love ham on it with a picture a big ham, a pair of black jeans, and most importantly, a pair of sandals, so her unpainted toes would be in plain view, she smiled at the thought of what she was bout to do.

she took the bus to school as normal and met up with carly in the hallway, sam grinned when she saw carly look down at her feet for a quick second Continue reading

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