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iCarly Pornography Story: I Like Your Soles – part Two

iCarly Pornography Story: I Like Your Soles – part Two

The day carly had her feet sucked by sam made her think, it made her think this actually feels nice and she is now craving more.
She thought of trying something with freedie but the thought of his mouth and rough hands all over her feet made her want to puke, so she figured why not try to coax sam into licking her feet again.
The next day carly, sam, and freedie were all at the groovy smothie while Tbo was trying to sell them a stick of Pickles.

Carly: Hey freedie, sam, do you mind if I go home and lay down im feeling a bit under the weather, carly knowing full well that she is perfectly fine but is just trying to get rid of freedie so she can have sam all to herself.

Freedie: Sure hope you get better.
Sam: Yeah get well carls.

Carly waits for sam and freedie to start to leave and just as freedie leaves carly calls after sam. SAM wait. Continue reading

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