iCarly Pornography Story: IGotta Unwrap ch Five

iCarly Pornography Story: IGotta Unwrap ch Five

Sam. Sam was there. Right at the door. Gosh, I hope she didn’t hear Carly and I!

“Uh, hey Sam! What are you doing here so la-” I didn’t get to finish because she pressed her lips to mine.

It took me a second to realize that she’s kissing me. Then once I straightened things out, I kissed back. Sam, being Sam, took the lead and stuck her tongue into my mouth and started exploring. I went into her mouth and did the same.

It seemed like we were kissing for hours, when Carly flicked the back of my head. Wait, when did Carly get here?

“My gosh, you guys! I said each of your names like a thousand times!” Carly complained.

Sam and I just had guilty looks on our faces. After a few seconds Carly smiled. Huh?

“My plan worked.” Carly said simply.

“Your plan?” Sam asked.

“Yep.” She saw how confused Sam and I looked and started explaining.

“See, I really wanted you guys to be a couple, so I thought up a plan, along with Gibby and Wendy, to get you guys together.” That’s when the long part came in.

“Step one: Have you guys make a silly bet. Luckily that part was easy. When you guys made that bet, where the loser has to strip, I just knew Freddie would lose! He always does! So, I had a feeling Sam would get a little aroused by seeing Freddie strip, and start to realize something, like jealousy.” Wow.

“Step two: Get Freddie to come over. This step connects to step three. I needed Freddie to realize his feeling for Sam now. So, I invite him over by lying and saying that it’s iCarly rehearsal.”

“Step three: Freddie’s confession. I had sex with Freddie to get him to realize that he doesn’t like me. I knew we wouldn’t get far before he confessed, so I knew it was safe.” Oh.

“Step four: Get you two to confess to each other. I thought this part would be long and impossible! But I didn’t plan for Sam to be out here listening to our little convo. So, that part was way too easy.”

“You can thank my mom for that one.” Sam added.

“So, you came up with a big plan, just to get me and Sam together?” I asked.

“Pretty much.” Carly answered simply.

“But wait… you two were having…sex in there?” Sam asked. Uh oh.

“Well, uh… yeah kinda. But, it didn’t go very far and I didn’t like it very much and I didn’t want to do it and…” I apologized, but Sam shut me up by kissing me.

After a few seconds she pulled back, smiled, and said, “It’s fine.”

“Good.” I replied.

“So you guys wanna just crash here?” Carly asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Sam replied, and I nodded.

Mostly everyone at school was surprised that Sam and I are dating. Girls would give Sam glares, boys would give me glares, but neither of us minded. Some kids even smiled and said that they were glad that we were together. All I can say is: I’m glad we made that stupid bet.

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